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Dear Haikusue:

For the last year or so I have been in a constant state of 'blah'. I just can't get excited about my career, social life, or anything, it feels like no matter how hard I work my life is just serious of monotonous tasks. I have a steady but boring job, that affords me just enough cash to pay for a rent controlled apartment in Noe Valley On weekends I sleep in late, do my laundry, maybe have drinks with friends or maybe go to the movies, but nothing remarkable ever happens.  I am starting to see my life as one never ending  boring ride on the J without any satisfaction.  How do I snap out of my funk, do I need meds to numb me out so I won't feel so depressed?


Not yet popping-pills in Noe Valley


Dear Non-Popper:

Fresh outlook needed

try moving apartments first

craigslist is your friend