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Dear Haikusue:

About six months ago my live-in girlfriend told me that she was feeling depressed about her job, social life etc. and she wanted to 'do something important'. After days of hearing her talk about it, I suggested she train to run a charity marathon. I thought the good cause, + sense of accomplishment would help her feel better about herself and the exercise couldn't hurt either.  Well now I am starting to serious regret that suggestion. She is gone every Saturday, running all day with a group and then is too tired to do anything Sunday. During the week she runs 2-3 times after work and always 'just wants to eat and crash' when she comes home.  The few sentences I can get out of her after these runs are usually about 'one of the guys' she runs with, his job, how funny he is, and how she is sooooo glad she started running.  I can't help but think my good idea to help her feel better about herself is gonna lead her ditching our life together. What can I do to stop this from happening?


Regretful advice-guy in Noe Valley


Dear Regretful:

Why play guessing games?

Imagination racing

Please, just talk to her