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Green Eye Monster Haiku


Dear Haikusue:

Over the past few years I have felt the jealously I feel towards others in my social and professional circle grow. Whether it's my colleague that just scored a major gig at a super hot company, or my bestie who picked up and moved to Europe when her husband got a lucrative  job offer, I feel all envy all the time. It's gotten so bad that I actually find myself starting to dislike people I used to like because I am envious of how everything seems to work out for them, when nothing is working out for me. How do I stop being such a jealous bitch, and start appreciating the things (and people) in my life.


Super Jelly in Oakland


Dear Jelly,

The root, self loathing

Gives life to the envy tree

Fix root, reap sweet fruit




Is the grass always greener? /Image: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde