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Dear Haikusue:

For the last two years I have worked at a very small ad agency here in SF. We are a total "mom and pop" shop, and we definitely do not follow all the strict business norms you might find at other companies. We don't wear formal attire, we don't have strict clock-in and clock out rules, and we are all granted a lot of freedom. The general attitude is if you get your work done, it's all good. I love the culture at this company, but unfortunately there is a major problem with a coworker because of it. This person is f-bombs in the office, shoots off glib, hostile emails without thinking, and has damaged countless relationships with important partners. Her behavior has started to effect my work, as I am constantly trying to 'repair' damage she has done with clients, and waste tons of time that could be spent on getting new accounts, instead of talking the accounts we already have into staying with us. How do I bring this up to HR without seeming like the office tattle tale.


Officer Buzzkill in the FiDi


Dear Buzzkill:

Use only the facts

Show supporting evidence

Emotions are out