Dear Haikusue:

I am getting really sick of friends and family calling me a "h-------" I don't even want to write the word out because it's a very hurtful and derogatory term. I feel like people are discriminating against me when they use it. It's like they refuse to see me as a full fledged human and are just degrading me to some stereotype that has nothing to do with my life experiences, and what I have to share with the world. I am pretty sure 60's era civil rights activists would be on my side when I say calling people 'h------s" is bigoted.  As far as WHY they use this term to describe me, I admit that I follow fashion and can often be seen wearing booty shorts, or a onesie but that is nothing more than a style choice. I also love making art, and am a bit of a photographer/stylist/painter/forger/urban gardener/chef, but these are just activities  I enjoy. I am a multi faceted person,  how can I get people to just respect me for my unique personality and stop using this term that is just as bad as a racist or sexist insult? I mean come on what do I have to do to get people to be more sensitive to my perspective, and give me the respect I deserve?


Hip but not ster in  the Mission


Dear Hip:

I'm being pranked?

Years of wisdom tell me so

Go put on some pants