Dear Haikusue:

Image: Courtesy of   The Berkeley Rebellion

Image: Courtesy of The Berkeley Rebellion

In order to avoid a major holiday weight gain, I've decided to start shaping up this month. Alcohol, sugar, carbs you name it, I'm cutting it.  Even though it's only been a few days I feel  better, and am already seeing some life improvements in the sleeping and glowing skin areas. The only problem is, everyone I know is hassling me about this decision. From my roommates whining that "I'm killing the joy of the holiday season" to my family saying things like "You aren't gonna stick to this silly diet on Thanksgiving are you?????" it seems no one supports my attempt to get healthy. How can I make them see that this is a personal decision that has NOTHING to do with their lives and they should just mind their down business?


Frustrated health nut in the Mission.

Dear Health Nut:

Stop oversharing

They don't need to know your plan

Smile and eat veg