Dear Haikusue:

Lately it seems everyone around me keeps telling me that I am "too competitive." It might be true, because I find myself getting really worked up about stuff all the time, like if a coworker gets a promotion, or one of my friends lands her dream-job, I get really antsy, and super focused on 'doing better' so that I can have something comparable to whatever they have.  In order to chill out a little, I decided I needed a hobby or two to take my mind of career goals, and learn to relax. The problem.... well now I been getting competitive at my hobbies. From tennis, to cooking, to gardening I can't seem to just do something for fun, I always end finding a race, a contest or even just a neighbor's flower pots to compete against. I am worried this compulsion will start driving friends away as no one wants to see me winning all the time. What should I do?


Gold Star Girl in the Mission


Dear Goldie Star Girl:


The root of most ambition

Time and age will curb

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