Dear Haikusue:

I am originally from the East Coast but have been living on the West Coast  for the last 7 years. I love my family, and I do miss them but using every vacation day, and every paid holiday to go home for visits is getting old. My job is pretty stressful, I work in the cosmetics industry in product development, and I am constantly under tight deadlines, and working long hours. When it comes to vacation I really need a chance to relax and blow off some steam. Not to mention for all the years I've lived in California, I done almost zero traveling around the State, and I'd like to actually see some of my transplant home.  How do I get the my family to understand that I need some time off from visiting, without making them feel rejected?


Dutiful Daughter in the Excelsior


Dear Daughter:

Simple language needed

Mom, I'm going on a trip

I'll come home next time