Dear Haikusue:

My roommate has recently read a few books by, and become obsessed with all things Michael Pollan. We live in a 3 bedroom flat in the Mission, and she is hell-bent on turning it into a country farm house. From planting tomatoes, herbs, and a variety of other veggies on the back stairs to illegally building a chicken coop on our roof her new interest is threatening to get us kicked out.  Neighbors are starting to complain about the noise and smell (from the chickens) and the landlord has already given her warning about blocking the fire escape. Every time I try to talk to her in a calm manner about it she gets angry and says she is only trying to get us back in touch with the natural life. How can I make her see that a city-apartment is not the place to start a farm, before we both lose our home?


Forced-farmgirl in the Mission


Dear Farmgirl:

When rationale fails

Time to separate your house

Look for new roommate