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Image: copyright Twitter

Dear Haikusue:

I work as a graphic designer in the corporate offices for a major international beauty brand, and the my new boss (brought in as COO last month) is obsessed with 'getting us up on technology'. From twitter accounts, to in-office video chats he demands that we all spend a large portion of our time building the brand's social media profile, and learning to use technology to "streamline our process." I understand the drive behind this, because basically our office WAS in the stone age before he arrived, but the constant interruptions for 'in-house tech meetings' and twitter-reviews are seriously cutting in to my actual work day. I am now finding that if I am going to meet design deadlines I have to come in an hour earlier than the new boss, and stay at least 2 hours later just to get the work done that I could normally do in a regular 9-5 time frame. It's frustrating, especially as I feel most of what he wants us to do should be the job of our in-house marketing team, not every single person in the office. How do I get him to see his hi-tech obsession is creating low-productivity?


No Time to Design in SF


Dear No Time:

At next tech meeting

Mention cost of missed deadlines

Ask to be excused