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Dear Haikusue:

At age 18 I moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA, and pursue an acting career. 7 years and tons of school loans later I am still cobbling together odd jobs (waitress, temp, extra work in movies) to make ends meet. Sure, I have a few speaking parts here and there and was even cast in a pilot (that was later dropped) but I am starting to lose hope that this acting thing will ever happen for me. At the same time, being on set as an extra has introduced me to a lot of people who work in production, and have learned a lot about that side of the business, and have found myself really interested in what goes on behind the scenes. On a recent set I even met a woman who works as a prop specialist for 1920's era weapons, and she offered to help me get an entry level position as a prop assistant if I am interested. I am really tempted to take her up on the offer, but feel like I am selling out. Should I keep chasing a dream that may never happen, or chose a new path that is still in film but not in front of the camera.


Not Quite a Starlet in Burbank


Dear Starlet,

Changing your interests

Evolving not selling out

I'd give her a call