Fabrics, raw materials, and the creative process all seemed to be on the mind of designer Takayuki Tanaka at the Divka Fall 2016 collection.  So much in fact that the designer took his "victory lap" down the runway with his pattern maker, Motoyuki Matsumoto by his side. (A move that is highly unusual, as most designers don't acknowledge the highly important work pattern makers, and in fact the whole production team, does for a collection.)  At the press conference directly after the show Tanaka told reporters, “The power of incomplete garments, which is usually lost through the process of clothes-making,” was a large part of the inspiration. And it showed as raw hems, slightly rumpled fabrics, and dense 'roughed up' layers all were used, but used thoughtfully and with restraint, so the collection remained artful and never crossed over into gimmicky. In short, the pieces were beautiful and interesting, and easily pictured as the pieces an artfully minded woman would buy, and treasure as her 'statement pieces' for years to come. 

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All images: Simon Whittle for Style Wylde.