The D-Vec Fall 2017 runway show was not your typical Tokyo event. Publicly staged on "Cat Street"  in Tokyo's famous Harajuku neighborhood, the show had models walking down the middle of the street, (while organizers held traffic) crossing in front of the photographers who were stationed on a small chunk of sidewalk next to a busy intersection, climbing up and into the back of truck, and finally exiting the truck and walking back down the street the way they came. The whole thing lasted no more than 5 minutes, but was easily the most memorable presentation of the week. 

All of this could seem like just a clever gimmick, but luckily for the D-Vec design team, the pieces themselves were as memorable as the choreography of the show. The looks for both men and women were the epitome of a Japanese take on athletic wear. They offered tons of functionality and high tech development via fabrics that are resistant to wind, rain, heat, and cold, but somehow, with all of that function, still looked amazingly chic. Within the individual looks there were pieces that felt appropriate for skiing, tennis, and unsurprisingly fishing (the brand's parent company is fishing gear producer Daiwa) but all pieces could also easily be seen on the fashionista who considers shopping to be a legitimate sport as well. The overall effect was fun and funky, but also thought-provoking as to what your clothes can, and should, be able to offer you.

A few of our favorite shots from the wild scene at the D-Vec Fall 2017 runway show are below; click on any image to launch lightbox mode for best viewing.

All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde. For more from the D-Vec Fall 2017 show, check out our exclusive behind the scenes photos in Beauty.