Crammed into a tiny coffee house on a side street in Harajuku, the Shiseido Japan pro team worked quickly to put together the elaborate braids, and subtle beauty required for the D-Vec show. The look had to be done quickly to allow all nine models to be prepared in the small space, and to allow plenty of time for show rehearsal, as the layout of the runway was one most models had never before experienced. (More on that here.) 

Taking all of the pressure into consideration one might expect a pretty chaotic scene backstage, but this is Shiseido Japan we are talking about, and one thing we've learned this season in Japan, is that the Shiseido team can take ANYTHING in stride and turn out a gorgeous look without ever showing signs of stress or strain. 

The beauty look was fresh and pretty for women with a simple pop of color on lips. For men, it was simple, clean perfect skin. As mentioned above, when hair length allowed an elaborate double braid was done for women, while men's hair was softly tousled. The end effect: cool, calm, and entirely stress free, just like the Shiseido Japan team themselves.

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All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde. For more from the D-Vec Fall 2017 collection check out our feature in Runway.