Voluminous, three-dimensional knits that are rich in texture and detail are a trademark quality to Motohiro Tanji's work. For Fall 2016 Tanji delivered this aspect, but chose to ground his pieces by pairing the knits with distressed denim and plain white tees. The look was refreshingly different for the designer, without being removed from the quality that makes his work wonderful. The elaborate work that went into each piece was given a chance to shine, and suddenly, aspects like peek-a-boo "neck holes" that cropped up on backs and rib cages, extra arms, and layers of densely woven scarves leaped off the runway and felt wholly wearable. The strongest showing yet, from a designer that always delivers a beautiful show, the Motohiro Tanji Fall 2016 was truly something beautiful to behold. 

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All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde