"The Jaw Nuts Piece", the title given to Henrik Vibskov's Fall 2016 collection, gave only a small hint as to what was going to be unveiled on the runway. Inspired by the oversaturation of information that is inflicted on people in the current 24 hour media world, Vibskov created a piece of fashion theater with his pieces strutting down the runway alongside an enormous structure of clattering wooden heads that pulsed to the dissonant vocals being blasted over the main sound system. According the the official show notes, the heads were a postmodern and Asian inspired take on the traditional nut cracker.

"Henrik Vibskov welcomes you into the nutty universe of The Jaw Nuts Piece, the Autumn Winter 2016 collection. A great cover unveils the 22 meter long scissor structure that carries 200 blabbering and clapping wooden heads.The wooden heads are a postmodern and Asian inspired take on the traditional nutcracker. The heads’ broken language is simulating a time of an extreme and overwhelming information flow. Unstoppable information or misinformation that drives humans to the border of sanity. A stressful and alarming soundscape will accompany the nutcrackers nervous, loud, jaw-breaking ticking and create an overwhelming sound wave to paralyze its audience. How does the brain store all of this information? An imaginary structure of a brain keeps everything in neat order - Or does everything lose its meaning? A straight walnut or a deconstructed mind."

As for the pieces themselves, they were explosive, with bold graphics and bright colors that were utterly fresh and pushed the boundaries of wearable and art in a seamless transition from one look to the next.

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All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde. For a look at the preparation for the show, check out our feature in Beauty.