Titled Guests from the Future, the Anna K Fall 2016 runway show, on first glance, appeared to be inspired by pop cultural images of outer space as it featured whimsical space-inspired details such as flying saucers and planets mixed in with downtown cool street style ready pieces. However, elaborating on the collection within the official show notes the designer spoke to alienation of a generation as the true inspiration (more so than B-Scifi movies) She said "My generation, we are like space invaders in the fashion industry, and now my collection is about them and for them."

Millenial, or monster, whatever the exact muse was, it worked magic for Anna K. The collection was concise and well thought out, and seemed to effortlessly achieve that thing all of the so-called fashion old-guard has been giving lip service to lately; true inter-seasonality. In one show light as air silk dresses flowed to heavier wool pieces and on to substantial leather jackets. And with that, 'the invader' seem to be putting the industry on notice; figuring out how to manage a runway show/social media/buy now wear now, and all the other questions that have come up this season, for the new generation, it's no big deal.

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All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde. For a look behind the scenes before the Anna K Fall 2016 show check out our feature in Beauty.