After covering The Blonds show for 10 consecutive seasons, one might think that as a photographer you'd have 'seen it all' already.  After all, from cinema scream queens to Looney Tunes characters design duo Phillipe and David Blond have over the years drawn on  a vast array of hyper-creative inspirations for their stunning collections, that have delighted and amazed their audiences. 

But that doesn't mean they can't still blow your mind; and Spring 2016 was absolutely mind-blowing. 

Inspired by Egyptian sarcophagi The Blonds Spring 2016 show took us on a wild, golden-hued voyage from the ancient world to distant future. Ornately sculpted corsets and jumpers literally glistened with heavy-metal accents while body skimming dresses seemed to explode with jewels and stones. The pieces were so stunningly detailed it was difficult to stay focused on photography, as the urge to put the camera down and just gaze in amazement was very strong. 

After the show, someone on twitter asked me if I thought I had seen "something Beyonce will wear" on The Blonds runway. My answer, Definitely! Not only were these looks fit for Queen B, but her stylist was rumored to be sitting in the front row taking notes throughout the show.

To fully experience The Blonds Spring 2016 collection in all its glory, click on images to launch light box mode.

All images: Cynthia Anderson/S.Whittle for Style Wylde. For an exclusive look inside the creation of The Blonds Spring 2016 show, check out our behind the scenes feature in Beauty.