One of the most fun aspects of seeing the Libertine collection take to the runway each season, is the simple fact that you think you know what the collection will be, and somehow designer Johnson Hartig always manages to surprise you. Libertine Fall 2015 was no exception. The explosion of color, energy and passion for personal expression for which the label has garnered a passionate following was there in abundance, but this time Hartig put every aspect of design in motion, via pieces that not only sparkled, but actually swayed with each step the models took. 

Before the show, I had the privilege of going backstage (more on that in here) so I saw how this movement was created close-up. It was all done with elaborate handwork done with sequins and beads which must have taken thousands of hours to create. The craftsmanship was simply stunning, it was on a level that one doesn't expect to see at a ready to wear show, it felt like something that would be right home in Paris at Couture week. (see detail images taken backstage below to get the full effect.) 

That doesn't mean there was anything staid or stodgy about the looks, oh no this is Libertine! The rock and roll label that young passionate fashionistas who want to make a STATEMENT adore.  And adore the audience certainly did as they broke into thunderous applause (as did the did photographers on the media riser)  as the models made their Libertine dance down the runway in a joyful, victorious final walk.

Click on the photos below to enlarge into a lightbox view. I hope you guys love this as much as I did.

All images: C.Hope for Style Wylde

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