That sweet spot where luxe designer pieces meet with a young, sporty, and wearable point of view is where the label Timo Weiland lives. The design trio behind the brand Timo WeilandAlan Eckstein, and the most recent addition to the team, Donna Kang consistently deliver pieces that are not only unique and "investment" worthy, but also  represent an aspect of fashion that is a rarity; reality.  

Seeing the Fall 2014 collection come down the runway, it was clear, these are pieces real young women will want to wear. They were edgy without being ridiculous, fashion forward without looking like a costumes. In short, they were just plain cool. 

As is expected from the Timo team, the outerwear pieces were fantastic, from slim motos to shearling coats, to leopard print jackets it was all lust-worthy. But there were also some surprising stand outs, such as midi-length polka-dot dresses and flirty leather circle mini-skirts. 

All images: C. Hope/S. Whittle for Style Wylde.