Every fashion week, whether it's intended or not, there is always a wave of designers who seem to be plugged into similar ideas, concepts, and color palettes. Then there are the trend setters, the game changers, those who are 100% on their own path, totally altering the fashion landscape with their unique point of view. Johnson Hartig of Libertine proved once again, with his Fall 2014 runway show, that he is a true game changer. The collection was a vibrant array of art-gallery worthy pieces that blew the doors off the idea that winterwear is boring and basic.

There were so many fantastic pieces in the show including fuzzy blazers for men emboldened with skulls and patches, Jackson-Pollock-esque printed suits for women, glittering dresses encrusted with crystals, and a Technicolor mink coat that perfectly paired old school glamour with a punk rock point of view.

All images C.Hope/S.Whittle for Style Wylde.