When a designer moves from a smaller off-site venue to a large full fledged Lincoln Center show, two questions always arise: can they make the transition smoothly, and can they deliver the energy needed to fill up the cavernous Lincoln Center spaces. For designer Johnson Hartig, and his line Libertine, those questions were put to rest within the first few seconds of the show. Dynamic, and exploding with color, texture, energy, and exuberance the Libertine Spring 2014 collection easily filled not only its space at Lincoln Center, but could be imagined holding its own in London, Paris, or Milan as well.

Among savvy fashionistas, Hartig is beloved for his tongue-in-cheek take on fashion and his amazing eye for elaborate pattern.  For Spring 2014 the designer  really showcased these extraordinary talents with lavish prints that mashed up imagery from 17th century French Royal Court, Colonial India, Hawaiiana and tons of Hartig's trademark punk rock spirit by way of pop culture references and his own snarling face woven into the pattern. (see close-up detail below)

Sound like a lot? Maybe, a lesser designer could not have made it all work but under Johnson's deft hand it was a a visual feast of fashion goodness. 

All images: C. Hope/S. Whittle for Style Wylde.