Inspired by "The intricacy of traditional Samurai design and the history of Japanese battles from the late 15th -16th centuries", 4 Corners of a Circle Fall 2013 collection was sleek and sophisticated with plenty of creative touches, and interesting details. It was, in short, exactly what we love about 4 Corners designer Natsuko Kanno's work. 

The show began with a modern dance performance which set the scene for a dramatic collection. From there a lovely array of  separates in draped jerseys, silks, and velvets paired with leather ankle boots and sexy over the knee tights flowed down the runway.

Small, subtle details such as wrapped skirts, and embossed pattern panels gave a nod to the inspiration without ever being overwhelming, or overly literal, and kept the collection firmly footed in the fresh and fashion- forward realm.

Here are a few of our favorite looks from the collection.

All images: S. Whittle for Style Wylde