A buzz went around the media riser a few minutes before the show "Have you heard what it is?" Photographers and videographers murmured. "they all come out together, and then do an exercise routine...." 

And exercise they did but in a totally Betsey Johnson way. Models strutted down the runway, having animated conversations on faux cell phones before taking  their places in front of bright pink Betsey mats, they then stripped down to work out clothes and awaited their teacher. Moments later, the teacher, Betsey of course appeared and class began.

Then, just as quickly as it started it was all over and the models were dancing down the runway and off stage.  For their part, the models were even slimmer than when it all began, and the audience was far more baffled and amused than ever before.

And Betsey? Well, she ended the whole thing with a cartwheel of course as if to say, "I'm still here and don't you forget it."

All images: C. Hope for Style Wylde.