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Dear Haikusue:

Every year just about this time I get the urge to totally revamp my life. In the past I've taken spontaneous vacations, sought out new friends, changed jobs, moved out of apartments, even moved out of the country in the Spring as a way of reinvigorating my life. This year however, my life is going pretty good, I love my job, I'm happy with my apartment, and have lots of great friends, but I still want to do something, to fight off the restless feelings that have been sneaking up on me for the last few weeks.  I just don't know what. I've always been radical in my approach to life changes, so I have no idea how to do something small, but still satisfying. Any ideas of what I can do to reinvigorate my life without chucking it all and starting over?


Restless in the Sunset


Dear Restless:

Bold, not destructive 

Change will bring a sense of fun

Why not hair color?