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Dear Haikusue:

Over the past year I have changed jobs, moved a few miles away and basically revamped a lot of aspects of my life. This revamping all included separating myself from a few frenemies that I had come to realize were really, really toxic in my life.  For the first few months I used the excuse that I was 'so busy with the move/job/life' as a reason not to see one friend in particular, hoping she would get the hint and quietly go on with her life.  Unfortunately it has not worked. She continues to email/text/Facebook me asking when we can hang out and 'catch-up'. But,  frankly I don't want to catch up with her! She is super negative, always comparing herself to everyone else and always manages to fill any amount of time spent with her with countless digs and underhanded insults. I used to always feel depressed, annoyed and frustrated after seeing her, and not not catching up with her this past year has been fantastic. I don't want to create a big dramatic scene, but I don't want to waste my valuable time hanging out with someone I don't want to spend time with, or have a friendship with. Is there any easy way to break up with this girl, and get her to get the hint.


Frenemy no more in the Mission


Dear Frenemy:

No easy escape

Confrontation brings drama

Just refuse invites