Image; S. Whittle for Style Wylde

Image; S. Whittle for Style Wylde

Dear Haikusue:

I graduated from college a year ago, and have been working at a coffee house since while I look for a 'real' job. Despite being short on cash, my life has been really fun and happy this past year. I go out every night, see my friends everyday, and have just been enjoying being young and living in SF. But now, I have gotten a good job offer in my field in NYC, to start in August. I know I 'need' to go for it, but part of me is heartbroken at giving up the good life to join the underpaid, overworked rat race. Am I wrong to wonder if 'making' it is really more important than enjoying my life? Am I crazy if I stay where I am instead of moving to a new place, with no friends, and potentially much more life stress? Help me decide what is the right thing to do, I am so confused!


Torn in the mission


Dear Torn:

*SMACK*, snap out of it

Fear not happiness holds you

Pack your bags and go