Image courtesy of AMC TV.

Image courtesy of AMC TV.

Dear Haikusue:

When I started a new job six months ago I was 100% set on focusing on my career, and not worrying about any romantic entanglements. I had just gotten out of a dead-end relationship and really wanted to take a breather. Well, as it always works out, on my second week at the job I met a gorgeous, charming, and utterly problematic guy who works in another department. The guy is problematic because we get along great, he is hilarious, when we are around each other there is this incredible energy, but nothing ever comes of it because he has a long term live-in girlfriend. I don't want to be a home wrecker, and I don't even want a relationship right now, but this guy is always on my mind. I blush when he flirts with me, and my stomach does flip-flops when I spot him across the room. This feels like more than a crush, this feels like love. Should I forget all the 'rules' of good behavior and make a move, or should run in the other direction?


Crushing hard in the Financial District


Dear Crushing:

This is lust not love

For the thing you can not have

Grow up, knock it off