A lavish show, with an astounding array of nearly 60 looks, the Yuma Koshino Fall 2017 collection was an epic undertaking for the designer, and her entire team. With so many pieces for the audience to take in during the 15 minute show, it might seem that the designer would be wise to employ a little editing. But, here's the thing; the Koshino family is a modern fashion dynasty that has built an empire on knowing exactly what their customer wants, and delivering it season after season. Yuma Koshino, daughter of legendary designer Hiroko Koshino and niece of both designers Michiko Koshino and Junko Koshino, has definitely done that here. Her trademark patterns, for which she is beloved, were gorgeous and omnipresent, her styling was spot-on for her customer base, and the variety made it easy to imagine her customer shopping only from this collection for the Fall 2017 season. In short, the show in all of its lavish luxury and abundance was exactly what the Yuma Koshino fan wanted it to be.

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All iamges: Simon Whittle for Style Wylde