The ballet world was a clear influence on the Chika Kisada Fall 2017 collection, as tulle, crinoline, silk, and crisp cottons in pink, black, and white mixed it up on the runway with fleece and moto jackets for looks that ran the gamut from rehearsal to opening night inspired. And why not, the designer herself started out as a ballet dancer. According to her official show notes, she looks to bring together "The elegance of ballet, the energy of punk. The concept 'Vital Elegance' was born by integrating contrasting images; the evanescence and the verve. It’s the signature line, which pursues the presence and the transient nature of beauty that a human body creates with its motions and movements. This line of clothing is for women who live in the city, always on the move and who seek a new kind of quality." 

A lofty goal perhaps, for the young dancer turned designer, but one she is well on the way to achieving as the Fall 2017 show was both lovely in its dreamy creativity, and practical as most of the pieces could easily be pictured on a variety of shapes and sizes, styled a variety of ways. Floor length tulle skirts, might be the one exception to 'practicality', but they were so whimsical and charming, dreamy-fashion fans will be dying to wear them.

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All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde.