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Let's hear it for the boy

Between the competitive cheerleaders and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle clad rappers on the runway, there didn't seem to be  a lot of typical "fashion" on the Yukihero Pro-Wrestling Spring 2018 runway.

They came, they cheered, they rapped, they danced, and only after all of that was finished, the Yukihero Pro-Wrestling Spring 2018 runway show began. Granted, some type of pre-show performance isn't all that unusual for Tokyo Fashion Week, J-Rock Legend Yoshiki treated fans to a piano concert before his Yoshikimono  Spring 2016 runway show , and countless other brands have had dj's, rock bands, opera singers, ballet dancers, and a wide array of traditional Japanese artists perform as part of their runway offerings; but this was the first time we can remember any performance being so comical. 

All of which, might, have been ridiculous had the pieces themselves not lived up to the light hearted atmosphere. Luckily for designer Yukihiro Teshima the pieces were fantastically fun themselves with  boldly hued prints that incorporated the "Ninja Turtle" theme, and great relaxed silhouettes that delivered plenty of skate-punk attitude. The overall effect was hard to resist, and even caused the normally very quiet Japanese crowd in attendance at the show, to join in on the cheering for the designers final walk down the runway.  

Runway images below, click on any to launch lightbox mode for best viewing. 

All images: Style Wylde Photography.