Cynthia Anderson - DVEC  SS18-30.jpg

Blame it on the rain

A true feat of fashion show special effects, the D-VEC Spring 2018 show featured an actual rainstorm on the runway.

It seems obvious that the best way to demonstrate a raincoat's water resistance to the buyers, journalists, and fashion fans that make up a runway show audience, would be to put the coat in a downpour that is so intense those watching can literally see the water run right off. Figuring out how to execute this in a manner that would not also leave the spectators drenched, is much less obvious, but proved possible as the finale of the D-Vec Spring 2018 show saw the closing model stand motionless as the heavens (or in this case the nightclub ceiling) opened up and down came substantial rain. The effect was dazzling, and unforgettable. 

The other pieces that preceded the rainstorm finale were memorable in their own right too. Their graphic water-inspired prints, bold primary colors, and a wide range of silhouettes, seemed to further solitify the notion that this is a full fledged fashion brand, and that the parent company's background in outdoor and sports gear is merely an element to the label, not the sum total of its identity. 

Runway images below, click on any to launch lightbox mode for best viewing. 

All images: Style Wylde Photography.