Taking influence from men's wear and infusing it with a palpable sense of love Timo Weiland designers  Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein, and Donna Kang unveiled a knock-out collection of fantastic pieces for their Spring 2017 Timo Weiland show. Staged on a series of steps at the brand new Samsung 837 center, the collection was chock full of adorable abstract prints and bold graphics paired with relaxed silhouettes that gave everything a warm and friendly vibe, and clearly illustrated who the "Timo Weiland girl" is.  She is your best friend, the girl you love to have lunch with, and the girl you can call in the middle of the night when your heart is breaking. Oh, and the "Timo Weiland girl" has a to die for closet full of perfectly chic pieces for every possible event, and she even lets you borrow her clothes.

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All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde.