Arguably the most anticipated show of the entire Copenhagen Fashion Week schedule, designer Barbara I Gongini never fails to bewitch and bedazzle her audience with a stunning talent for construction and an almost otherworldly creativity in design. But beyond the remarkable fashion, the show always has an added element of theatrics that make it more of an all around art performance than your ordinary runway presentation. 

And Spring 2017 was no exception. Held in a working pier complete with cargo containers, old cars, and an enormous earth mover which held up the show's lighting rig, the collection was nothing short of spectacular theater.  Models were made-up in decaying "Zombie" make-up that gave Hollywood special effects teams a run for their money, and the entire piece was accompanied by a live guitarist. 

As for the collection it was Gongini at her best. Beautifully layered and exquisitely detailed, the pieces felt like the kind one buys and treasures season after season knowing it is supremely special yet also timeless.

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All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde. For a look at how the fantastic hair and beauty look was created for the Barbara I Gongini Spring 2017 collection check our exclusive feature in Beauty.