Masters of youthful optimism, bold color palettes, and mix and match prints, Desigual never fails to put on a big show at New York Fashion Week that is always a major hit with guests and members of the media alike. (Especially with photographers who adore shooting what is traditionally a mega line-up of supermodels!)

For Spring 2016, we suspect the label will be pulling out all the stops for their debut in the new space at New York Fashion Week.  Here's what the creative team told Style Wylde via e-mail about the coming collection:

“This season’s collection is filled with handmade details and wild prints, reminiscent of Barcelona’s graffiti artists and the modernist motifs that adorn the city's classic buildings.”

Image courtesy of Desigual. For more on the label be sure to check out our coverage of the Fall 2015 Runway show.