A lesser designer (or a much bigger diva) might have been willing to cancel their runway presentation at New York Fashion Week, The Shows when calamity struck, and UPS lost the lion's share of pieces for the show. But Johnson Hartig of Libertine refused to be defeated and showed immense DIY mental fortitude as he and his team (as described in the run of show notes where this tale of near fashion-disaster was explained) worked around the clock up until the last minutes before the show to recreate, and reassemble the missing pieces. 

And the result was a radical runway triumph.

The Libertine show is always bright and energetic, and filled with youthful optimism. But this season, there was something deeper there; actual, palatable, joy that felt like it had been woven into the very fabrics of the collection. 

There was also an ocean's-depth of details on the looks. And again, as quirky details are a major hallmark of Libertine, this wasn't wholly new, but it was on a wholly new level of intensity. This intensity really showcased a renewed energy and love of design on Hartig's part, and that was thrilling to behold

The details were so fantastic we wanted to be sure we captured a few close-up for readers within the gallery below. Click on any image to launch full lightbox mode for best viewing.

All images: S. Whittle/Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde. For more from the Libertine Spring 2016 show check out our exclusive backstage feature in Beauty.