Self-described as "Effortless Left-Coast Menswear" the CWST Spring 2016 collection strives to bring the spirit of the low key, yet luxury driven California point of view to the sometimes showy New York Men's market. And, as any Californian who has ever been caught by surprise by just how formal men in Manhattan can be (they still wear suit jackets and ties to dinner here!) can tell you this is no easy feat. 

That's what made the success of the collection so impressive. Understated yet still on trend, sporty but never sloppy, the pieces showcased the best of the left; a sort of un-fussied style that was supremely cool but never trying to hard.

Who knows maybe after seeing these pieces those Manhattan men will learn to relax a little, and leave the suit jackets and ties at home. 

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All images: S. Whittle for Style Wylde