In tandem with the grand opening of the brand's Old Bond Street Flagship store in London, England Max Mara showcased a knock-out Resort 2016 collection that was "dedicated to London style and spirit." According to the official press release: 

Fashion is Indestructible’, Cecil Beaton’s iconic 1941 photograph is the starting point. An impeccably dressed model stands resolutely in the rubble of a devastated London building. When this tough, grey city throws its worst at her, the London girl pulls on her glad rags and gets on with the job in hand. 

Whitehall, Mayfair and St James; Beaton’s diaries document the city’s so called ‘photocracy’ whose sardonic elegance was played out in wood panelled clubs, plush theatres and glittering salons. Theirs was the London of ornate street lamps reflected in rain lashed pavements, blue black railings against white stucco terraces, polished Hackney carriages that purr like cats, and Bobbies on the beat. Discrete glamour and understated luxury translate into languorous pinstripe looks in midnight blue double face, wool crepe and silk georgette layered in capes, pyjamas and dressing gowns with cord tasseled belts.

Whitechapel, Bow and Clapton; the pavements here also glisten with London rain, and there are clubs too, with as much history as their west end counterparts- boys’ boxing clubs. Anne Hawswhan’s ‘Boxer Handsome’ is a tale of honour, love, jealousy and tribal feuding in the city’s shadowy environs- a Romeo and Juliet for London. ‘To Rest is To Rust’ is tattooed on the arm of Whitwham’s hero Bobby- Max Mara channels the fighting spirit with boxer inspired shorts and trousers, athletic vests, regimental stripes, mink head guards and gloves ready for the ring."

Glamour with a tough-girl vibe? Now that is something we can definitely endorse. Full run-of-show images below, we hope you guys love it as much as we do!


All images courtesy of Max Mara. For an exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek, be sure to check out our backstage feature in Scene.