A look from the Son Jung Wan Spring 2015 show/image:C.Hope for Style Wylde

Luxury and and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of designer Son Jung Wan's internationally adored pieces. Here at SW, we love the collections for their inventive silhouettes and perfect construction as well as for the Son Jung Wan whimsical spirit that comes through on the runway season after season.

Here is what the designer told Style Wylde about her upcoming runway presentation. 

" For fall 2015 I was inspired by the romantic MGM films of the 1950’s and the fashion photography of Gordon Parks.  My collection can be described as retro-meets-modern with a touch of romance. Fabrics include merino wool and handcrafted knits in unusual color combinations: chestnut browns, dark olive greens, vivid to burnt oranges and African violets. Metallics, leather, statement coats and furs in color evoke the mood of the glamorous fifties."

--Son Jung Wan 

sketch courtesy of Son Jung Wan

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