For a well established designer, with a literal fashion empire that stretches across the globe, the temptation to turn in the same tried and true styles season after season must be intense. After all, mainstream fashion frequently seems to live by the saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and the buying public seems to crave the "classic" unchanging looks that so many mainstream big-name designers send down the runway year after year with little variation.

Is this the path for financial success? Maybe.. but it is definitely not the path chosen by international superstar designer Son Jung Wan who took creativity, experimentation, and serious gender norm pushing to the limit for her highly artistic Spring 2015 collection. 

Many of the pieces had rough, almost "homespun" details like unfinished edges and chunky fabric choices, while others were pure glam encrusted with beading and tipped with shiny Lamé. This gave the whole show a super adventurous and somewhat challenging feel. (Especially with the menswear looks that pushed the boundaries of masculinity with billowy metallic touches and colorful sandals.) 

Certainly these looks won't appeal to absolutely everyone, and equally certain is the fact that Son Jung Wan isn't looking to appeal to everyone. The designer is marching to her own beat, designing for her own client ,and doing it all with tons of creative gusto.

All images: C. Hope for Style Wylde.