While it sometimes feels like the entire fashion world is just biding their time, waiting for the Paris shows to start, there's a lot of really interesting fashion happening all over the globe. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid is a prime example of a week where creativity and risk-taking reign supreme in the collections, often without being noticed by American publications. 

So over the next few weeks as the SW team preps for our big trip to Japan to cover Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, we'll be running photos from collections that have caught our eye, without critique simply for your enjoyment, and as a reminder that the fashion world does not begin and end in Paris. 

First up:  Maya Hansen Spring 2015. With a background in corsetry and with a host of awards under her belt, Hansen created "Birth", a collection featuring prints inspired by the drawings of William Hunter an 18th century anatomist and physician. 


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