Already at the top of the industry in Spain, with multiple awards under their belts and a huge following of fashion fans, designers and partners María Lemus and Víctor Alonso brought their Maria Ke Fisherman Spring 2015 collection to Milk Studios as part of Milk Made Fashion Week. 

Inspiration for their wildly, graphic black and white collection was one of the most unusual we were given of the week: 

"Kowloon Walled City, 2015. In the most densely populated city in the world, small criminal gangs suppose the only order. Unlawful dentists and street food stalls are the ultimate source of apparently legal economy. The only light in the lower floors comes from fluorescent lights that flash vaguely as if they would like  to disappear into the darkness forever. In the shadows there always inhabit the most glittering lights, special, dazzling. Niu was born and raised in the city, as impermeable to its decline ...The flames and smoke were bursting into the room through each slit. The decrepid floor #37i in 7F Street was being quickly narrowed by fire. The pink and blue dreams of another life were escaping through Niu's weak body beside her last breaths. Suddenly, a heavy blow and a tongue of flame came into the room through a door that exploded. When it was all fire and shadows, something hugged her strongly and lifted her off the fire. The last firefighter of the Walled City was rescuing her from the flames. Maria Ke Fisherman finds the inspiration for its SS15 collection in the fractal city, on the imperviousness of innocence and in youth."

Runway images courtesy of Maria Ke Fisherman.  

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