There was dancing,  skipping, and sometimes even tango-dipping all set to an 80's pop beat at the Libertine Spring 2013 presentation where designer Johnson Hartig unveiled his masterpiece mash-up of color and  texture.

As Hartig  previously told Style Wylde, the inspiration for this Libertine Spring 2013 collection was "Bloomsbury group artists, thinkers and writers; Virginia Woolf,  E.M. Foster  and Vanessa Bell" and that deliciously provocative attitude was everywhere from the tongue in cheek political tees, to the feathered headpieces, to the sparkle encrusted dresses that oozed counter-culture cool.

Easily one of the most infectiously happy shows of the week, Libertine Spring 2013 was an utter joy to behold, and even left one of the normally gruff photographers in attendance saying "Anyone that could be unhappy at this show is dead inside."

Here are a few of our favorite shots from the show

All images: C.Hope/S.Whittle for Style Wylde