Easily one of the most innovative, and influential brands to show during the Tokyo collections, Anrealage is on nearly every local fashion journalist or blogger's "must get invited to list" of runway shows. Always a surprising presentation that often incorporates the latest in technology, be it sound or visual, the show is one we've wanted to cover for many seasons. For Fall 2014, Style Wylde was finally lucky enough to score an invite, but not lucky enough to actually be in Japan for the show, which took place a solid week after the official events had ended.  So sadly, we did not get to shoot the show for our readers.

Lucky for us, and for our readers with whom we really want to share the incredible images from the show, Photo-Journalist and internationally renown street style blogger Kjeld Duits of Japanese Streets was kind enough to grant Style Wylde permission to republish a few of his photos of the collection. For this we are eternally grateful. We hope you enjoy it!


 All images copyright JAPANESE STREETS.