Bright, blinding lights and a pounding music set against a spiky wood structure and a bare floor, made for a barren and almost post-apocalyptic scene at the Facetasm Fall 2013 runway show. The pieces in the collection themselves were an eclectic mash-up of 80's punk, meets samurai, meets 1950's iconography (think old-school tattoo images on coats and sheer tops) and a little 90's grunge thrown in for good measure. Sound like a lot? It was, but in the best possible way. Sure, the looks were aggressive, and wild, and maybe not for the most conservative or timid of fashion followers. But who wants conservative and timid on the runway? Not us! The pieces were electric, they vibrated with color, print, and graphic imagery. They were all elaborately designed with knit and leather tops paired with skirts over pants (on both the men and women), tattoo-image stamped coats, and sheer illusion panels with cartoon characters.  In short it was a wild visual feast, and it left this viewer wanting more Facetasm ASAP!

All images: C. Hope for Style Wylde.