Dear Haikusue:

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As a thirty something freelancer who is married but has no kids (and don't plan on any) I've found my social circle dwindling. Everyone I know is either pregnant or already has rugrats and seems to have lost interest in everything that doesn't involve play dates and mommy and me classes. Add to that the fact that I don't work in an office filled with potential friends, and I find myself downright lonely. To combat that I've tried joining some groups online, but everyone just seems to want to sit around and talk about all the ways in which they've been wronged by the world. At this point I am about ready to give up and become a hermit. What do I do to meet normal fun people that aren't parents and aren't web trolls looking for miserable company?


No friends and hating it in Hayward


Dear No Friends:

Sounds harsh but is true

Nothing good comes from online

Dance class or team sports