Dear Haikusue:

Image: iStock photo

Image: iStock photo

My "good" friend and I have known  each other since grade school and have always done everything together. The thing is lately I have started doubting her intentions as far as friendship goes. It seems every promotion, or achievement I've earned she puts down by saying "you're just lucky, you don't actually work for anything", and every time I come up with a new goal, she immediately starts going after the same thing, often in a way that puts her in direct competition with me (whether it's for a job, a guy, or even a freelance writing gig which has always been my passion not hers.)  At the end of the day I am just kind of sick of it all, and sick of her. I want to spend less time with her, and more time with other friends who are more supportive, and less competitive. But I don't really know how to 'break up' with a friend. It seems every time I try to avoid her she just turns up at activities I am taking part of. I have gone as far as to confront her about any of this, because I don't want a huge dramatic scene, I just want her to take the hint and go away. How do I make that happen?


Not a Mean Girl in the Mission


Dear Non-Mean Girl:

"Through" is your exit

Time to take bull by her horns

Tell her you need space