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Dear Haikusue:

My husband's family ( parents, 2 siblings and 2 wives- the husband is one of 3 boys) is coming out to California in a few weeks for an extended visit (They live in Montana.) Since our wedding 7 years ago, I've seen them maybe 3 times and each time it has been an extremely stressful experience. Politically, morally, and interest wise we have NOTHING in common. (They are all right wing tea partiers, whereas my husband and I are totally lefties.) Every conversation we have quickly devolves into arguments and angry name calling. Honestly if I had my way, we'd never see them at all, but now that we have a new baby my husband thinks it's important to 'get closer' to his family. I really want to respect my husband's feelings, but at the same time I really DON'T want me or my baby to be around these people. How do I find a way to 'just get along' with the in laws while they are here?


Unhappy inlaw in the Outer Sunset


Dear Unhappy:

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"Let's agree to disagree"

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