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Dear Haikusue:

I have been working in the same, stable but somewhat uninspiring job for about a year. My responsibilities are pretty basic office admin stuff with a bit of web design thrown in. My bosses are all pretty nice, and the benefits are great but I just don't feel inspired. I can't picture myself working in this job for the next 30+ years and being happy. I feel like a boring office drone! It's just too dull!  I can't live like this! That being said, I am not really sure what I do want to do instead. For a while I thought maybe it would be fun to go to film school, but so far haven't gotten accepted to any programs. I am now thinking maybe law school, or maybe an undergrad writing program somewhere. I'm not sure. Being back in school sounds a lot better than this boring job, but at the same time everyone around me is telling me that I need to figure out something I actually want to do before I quit my job to dabble. But won't being back in a learning environment help me figure out what I want? I am so confused, my gut tells me just go back to school and wing, but my head is saying that might be a bad idea. What do you think?


Bored to death in the Mission


Dear Bored,

Pointless debt builds up

With mindless educating

Keep job, try hobbies