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Dear Haikusue:

Just over a year ago I went to the doctor's for an annual check up and found out I had type 2 diabetes! It was terrifying, but it served as a wake up call to me to start taking better care of myself. After that discovery I made a vow to get healthier for myself, and for my family so I could live a long and happy life. It was not super easy, and I had a lot of set backs but I have now lost 60 pounds, the diabetes is gone and I am on my way to actually reaching my goal weight by this Fall. Sounds great right? The problem is about 2/3 of my friends have quit speaking to me. I  was previously really active in the fat acceptance movement and many of my friends from FA groups feel my weight loss is a betrayal. They feel I was faking a commitment to the movement before and now I have "joined the enemy" (someone actually said this to me.) I still believe people should be happy at any weight and not be discriminated against, but for me the weight loss was essential. I did it for my health, not because I was giving into "mainstream media oppression". How can I get these former friends to see that I haven't changed, only my dress size has!


Fat-rejected in Petaluma


Dear Rejected:

Disappointing truth

The pack's ideals are rigid

Seek out a new herd